Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Pretty Art from a scary Album

here's some pretty art from our strange and unsettling album of songs about Maine ("Welcome to Mainia: the way Life should be!") Just click on the pictures to see them bigger...
 Wessie goes home to the giant spinning ice disc in the Presumpscot

 Album cover, featuring some of the many fun things that make life here in Maine what is is...

 What are the leaves in Autumn?

 Cherub in a Devil's half-acre

 Let Hamlin cry: he's earned it (Hannibal Hamlin's last song...)

 Back cover, featuring a nice, not too scary house in Bangor... wonder who lives there?

 Jojo, Sid Haig, John, Molly and Charlie, meeting the Captain at the Bangor Toy and COmics Convention last year: what an awesome guy, friendly and a gentleman to talk to. We, of course, are dressed up as Georgie from It, and we appear understandably confused at finding the wrong clown here in Bangor (aka Derry, Maine)

Friday, March 27, 2020

So... we had a little extra time on our hands this month… so Molly, Charlie, Jojo and I finished up an 
album of strange songs all about life in Maine: Wessie, the Spinning Ice Disc, the leaves in Autumn, 
Hannibal Hamlin, the North Pond Hermit, the many ghosts that live here... and so much more!
Sufjan Stevens started his 50 States project 17 years ago, with beautiful storytelling albums about 
Michigan and Illinois…

Unfortunately, he became sidetracked by life, and at this rate, it would take him 425 years to finish all 50 
states (to say nothing of Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands or the U.S. 
Virgin Islands.)
So we decided to make our own album to help him with the project: “Welcome to Mainia: the way life 
should be!” You can hear it right here,

Or you can buy a CD right here from the Bathtub Records website (just send us a message)
with a beautiful technicolor insert included!
All CD's are $5.00 (and all Comics are still only $4.00!) preferably by PayPal
We hope you can give it a listen: music by shut-in’s, for shut-in’s…! WooHOO!

 Cd info
1) Wessie goes home to the Great spinning ice disc in the Presumpscot
2) The North Pond Hermit will never again be invisible (Tell me what you need, and I  
will leave it out for you)
3) To the workers of Portland, Maine: Get off your bikes
and build your brothers and sisters a house
4) Let Hamlin cry, he’s earned it (Hannibal Hamlin’s last song)
5) The Somalis Head North to Lewiston
6) When will we cross the pond
7) The cherub in a devil’s half-acre
8) The mysterious Bug Light
9) Corinth Road
10) A year in Maine (Skowhegan)
11) What are the leaves in Autumn
13) Bonus Track: like it was still yesterday
14) I don’t think I can reach you (toune caché)

mr p is:
molly r picone  vocals guitar vocals  cello vocals
jojo r picone  vocals piano ukelele guitar rainstick cello drums seagulls bells and whistles (and vocals)
charlie r picone  vocals piano viola  more vocals violin  
daddy r picone  vocals ocarina madhuube  drum piano and vocals

(see, Molly is mrp (molly rose picone), and the boys are all "Mr. P" (mr. picone))

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