Tuesday, September 5, 2017

"After an ice age, new creatures are born..."

"Kind", second printing now hot off the presses!

here is a very beautiful little story, told in pictures only: A magical book, with no words, that occurs 10,000 years after an unexplained ice age. From Jojo's annotated guide to the story...

Albino fox, lions, monkeys and apes, birds, turtles, lizards, fish, frogs, squirrels and rodents, zebras, snakes, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, panthers and leopards, sloths, pigs, dogs, cats, penguins, bears, kangaroos, koalas, owls, insects, sea lions, porcupines, ermines, deer, moose (and other creatures with antlers), alligators, and random adorable little made-up creatures.

Desert, rainforest, muddy fields, beach, glacial waters, snowy forest, amazon, waterfalls, dark forest, open fields, mountains, flowery place, rocky plane, and Stormy place.

Potential titles:
Natives, animalium (Latin), Kind.

Plot ideas:
Frank Miller like buildup, with beautiful and terrifying landscapes, and beautiful, wise and unique creatures. The little white fox doesn’t have a family, and has to figure things out. The other animals help him, as he travels across the world. Hibernation with the bears, which he wishes to live with. He has to hide from the monkeys, who are crazed and terrifying. He has to build, climb, scale, and cross crazy landscapes full of other-worldly animals. He rides of the back of a mama leopard who is searching for their baby leopards. The Fox is intrigued by the smaller more colorful creatures, but they are afraid of him. At some point, he encounters other foxes who are likely part of his family, but they don’t recognize him due to his white fur and pink eyes.


The only words are in the Inner sleeve:
“after an ice age, new creatures are born. 
The last creature who possesses white fur stands outside of the rules of the wild.”

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